Training objectives



Performance and Competency Management (1st module of CScP and CPCD,CppR)
mcpsa 01

  • How to get the desired results from employees using performance management system?
  • The success of the employees and organization through Performance Management process
  • What gets measured gets managed Performance measurement
  • Are you using latest performance metrics - KRA, KPI, Activity plan Balanced score card ?
  • Ensure that your employees have the proper skills and competencies through Competency management?
  • Competency Iceberg model
  • Linking organizational and individual goals - performance and competency management process
  • Find the right fit and ensure success through Competency Measurement

Case analysis

2 hrs

Performance Review Systems(Module 1 of CScP & module on performance review in CPCD, CPPR)
mcpsa 02

  • How are you liking your performance Review System in your organization - perspectives involved in performance Review System
  • Is your Performance Review System Optimized - making reviews more effective
  • Use the suitable method for your organization - Performance Rating Methods and Scales
  • Are you following a legally defensive Performance Appraisal System ?
  • The importance of Reliability in performance Rating Systems
  • Have you ever done your analysis of existing PMS through PCMM Model and Malcolm Baldridge model 
  • Track your employees or departmental Performance  Tracking System

Case analysis
Simulation exercises

2 hrs

Linking PMS to Rewards and Compensation (individual equity module of CCBM)
mcpsa 03

  • Are you motivated with performance linked pay - Building Performance Linked Incentives (PLI)
  • How good are you in a team - usage of Group Incentive Schemes
  • Advanced model of PLI


2 hrs

Linking PMS to Culture (COD)
mcpsa 04

  • Building Value based Incentives
  • Creating core competencies using a performance review system
  • Understanding the impact of PMS on culture - how effective is your organizational culture ?

Psychometric Tool l


Linking PMS to Succession planning (COD)
mcpsa 05

  • Integrating PMS with Succession Planning
  • Using Competency frameworks

Role Plays


Linking PMS to Performance Coaching (COD)


  • Understanding Business Engineering Models 
  • Understand performance coaching 

Role Plays

1 hr