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Our Leadership Solutions encompass

  • Leadership Competency Profiling 
  • Leadership Assessment 
  • Leadership Development
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Leadership Competency Profiling

We work with our clients to understand the core competencies of their organization, key competencies of their employees better and form a competency framework. We help our clients with

  • Job element Analysis
  • Preparation of BARS
  • Preparation of Role Competency Matrix

The job element analysis we do on the basis of expert opinions and brainstorming helps document the requirements of a job and the work performed. We appropriately select key elements covering an entire range of job behaviors, intellectual behaviors, motor behaviors, work habits, KSAs and other personal characteristics to build competency maps. We deploy Behavioral Anchored Rating Scales for differentiating effective and ineffective performance for each competency. Our role competency matrix maps the competencies of the role with the competencies exhibited by the role holder and gives a comprehensive perspective for doing gap analysis. It doesn't end at gap analysis, we also provide end to end consultation in order to fill those gaps which will lead to enhanced organizational development.

Leadership Assessment  

We help organizations in leadership competency assessment for various levels

  • Entry level Managers.
  • Managers of Managers.
  • Managers of Business.

We help the organizations in identifying the leaderís competencies & assess them using Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale.

Our team of Leadership Assessment experts helps you plan and conduct a Leadership Assessment center that enables your organization to select heralds from among your employees, visionaries who can lead teams and groups in a way that brings out the best performance of each individual and team. We help you in every stage of the leadership assessment starting from defining and mapping competencies through designing exercises to training assessors

We also employ 360 degree profiling for assessing a person against a set of behaviours, competencies, or core values to discover his/her leadership qualities or traits. We help the organizations in developing the required competencies through the Structured Training Programs.

Leadership Development

We firmly believe that for effective leadership there is an equal significance of both people and processes. Our Leadership development programs which are based on this belief aim at enhancing the quality of leadership within an individual or organization. We offer a wide spectrum of Leadership Training programs like:

  • Certified Productivity Leader 
  • Certified Coach and Counselor
  • Certified Program on Team Attitude Development
  • Leadership Behavior Boot Camp
  • Team Building OBT
  • Certified Program on Entrepreneurship
  • Certified Negotiation skills for managers
  • Certified Program in Strategic leadership
  • Certified Program in Presentation Skills for managers
  • Certified Program in Communication Skills for managers
  • Certified Program in Creativity Skills for managers
  • Certified Program in Problem Solving Skills for managers
  • Certified Program in Interpersonal Skills for managers

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