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Certified OD Specialist

As Business environment today is dynamic in nature, it poses a challenge to the effective functioning of an organization. An organization being the vehicle of achieving its mission & vision, it is very necessary to nurture the organization and all of its processes, systems and people it comprises. This can be done through learning and implementing organizational development practices. Middle Earth Consultants is proud to bring to you their globally recognized program Certified Organizational Development Specialist.

The Certified OD Specialist program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, is done in India in association with Middle Earth Consultants. This program is implemented in 2 phases. The First is the CODA - Certified Organizational Development Analysis which is of 2 days and the second is the CODIP - Certified Organizational Development Interventional Professional of 2 days.

Organizational change often involves changing the relationship between people and functions to increase their ability to create value. In order to survive, organizations must have the capability to adapt quickly to change. When they fail to change, the cost of failure may be quite high. Through this program you can learn to the design of organizational structure and culture an organization can harness its human and functional resources to take advantage of technological opportunities. It will provide guidance in formulating and implementing practices which are best suited to the changing needs of the organization. OD professionals must have a solid understanding of the different OD interventions to choose the most appropriate, based on the expected results and a solid analysis of the organization and its environment.

By attending this workshop you will be able to learn:

  • Understand and apply key models of OD like 6 box model, Burke Litwin model, MEHR-CAMI model of change management.
  • Explain success stories of OD in some of top Indian and global companies.
  • Apply strategic tools like Porter’s five forces Model, Value Discipline.
  • Assess their organizations using Organizational Diagnostic models like Malcolm Baldrige Award criteria, the EQFM model.
  • Diagnose HR processes, people & indicators using the PCMM model to plan successful HR change interventions for HR process up-gradation.
  • Understand System Thinking and System Interventions
  • Understand Organizational Process based on the Process Consistency and analysis
  • Understand Organizational Structure and Structural Intervention
  • Know about Cultural Interventions
  • Know about Knowledge Management
  • Know about Knowledge Management Interventions

Course Overview:

Module 1

Organizational Development Overview
  • Need & benefits
  • History
  • Key models
Module 2

Strategy and Mission
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
Module 3

Organizational Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis
  • Environmental diagnosis
  • Organizational diagnosis
Module 4

HR Audit
  • Using PCMM
  • Centricity focus for improvement
Module 6

System Intervention
  • Group vs System OD
  • Systemic Change
Module 7

Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Design
  • Major Inter-Structure Intervention
  • Major Intra-Structure Intervention
Module 8

Optimized Operation
  • Organizational Process
  • Process Interventions
Module 9

Optimal Culture
  • Understanding Culture
  • Culture Development
  • Culture Intervention
Module 10

Organized Knowledge
  • Knowledge and KM Basics
  • KM Models
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