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WHRB Licensed Training & Development Specialist

In an effort to help HR professionals strengthen their business skills and abilities to complement their HR expertise in the domain of Talent management and Program designing, a specialized Asian HR Board's Licensed Training & Development Program is launched. Its Industry relevant course content gives you the winning edge and helps you move ahead in your career path with a accelerated pace.

These certifications provide expertise in Talent management, training design and evaluation matrix and assessment techniques etc. through various programs. It includes Global HR
Certification in 5 various programs:

The functional skill and knowledge in Talent Management and Development are built around:

Instructional Designing- Competencies involving designing and analyzing the learning needs and training programs, setting objectives, taxanomy and andragogy, maximizing the effectiveness, learning trainers style, reliability, validity and designing aids are learnt under the certified instructional designing program and trainer and facilitator program.

Behavioral Assessment - People analysis and behavioral event interviewing and psychometric competencies would be covered by the certified program on psychometric assessment.

Assessment techniques and Models- Advanced group assessment techniques, competency assessment models, evaluation models and matrix are covered through the certified program on Assessment center and development.

Learning and development – Mapping the competency, training skills, evaluation of the training program, understanding the role requirement in terms of skills and competencies, ROI evaluation,  management Buy-In are learnt under the certified learning & development program.

Admission Process:- A written test and a round of interview . Based on the members can earn various scholarships for the program. The application forms will be available from June.


SEATS: 10 seats

For more details regarding admission process, 
mail us atproductahrb@mecindia.org

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