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CPTP (Certified Psychometric Testing Professional)
CCBM (Certified Compensation and Benefits Manager)
CTF (Certified Trainer and Facilitator)
CPCD (Certified Performance & Competency Developer)
CRA (Certified Recruitment Analyst
WHRB Fellowship Program
Leadership Program
Certified High Performer Identification Specialist (CHPIS)
Certified Appreciative Coach & Counselor (CACC)
Certified HR Analytics & Metrics Professional (CHAMP)
Certified Business Analyst (CBA)
Certified Emotionally Intelligent Manager(CEIM)

Certified Emotionally Intelligent Manager(CEIM)

1.  Overview to Emotional Intelligence

  •   Why Emotional Intelligence
  •   Definitions of Emotional Intelligence
  •   Self Check – EI
  •    Physical aspects of EI
  •    The CAMI – MEHR expanding Helix model

2. Active Emotional Awareness

  •   Scanning
  •   And Recognizing emotions
  •   Legitimately  Express
  •   Speak Softly

3.  Manage EI in Self

  •   Situational( A+B=C)
  •   Alter them & Video practice
  •   Inspirational ( 5  voices ),

4 . Manage EI with others

  •    Empathy
  •    FEEF Model
  •    Managing emotions- EDGE Model
  •    Conflict styles

5.  Manage EI in Teams 

  •   Building EI Communication
  •   Creating Team Openness and Reducing  Conflict Flashpoints
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Courses Offer
CACA (Certified Assessment Centre Analyst)

CID (Certified Instructional Designer)

PHASE 1 (CODA) Certified Organizational Development Analyst
PHASE 2(CODD) Certified OD Developer
CLDM (Certified Learning and Development Manager)
WHRB Licentiate Program
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