Middle Earth HR

Corporate social Responsibility Centre

Middle earth Consultants has a CSR centre through which it indulges into activities pertaining to social welfare

MEC has a keen feeling to return to society in terms of upgrading the community which goes with its mission of ‘Building HR, Building Human Happiness’. Some of the initiatives which the company has taken to strengthen the belief of upgrading human learning and skills are:
Upgrading People

MEC with Concern India, a non-profit organization, organized a series of conferences and lectures in Hyderabad. One of them was ‘How to build a world class team’ in which Former wicket keeper Syed Kirmani spoke about team building at ISB Hyderabad.

The company raised about Rs 20 lacs for Concern India till now. This year the company is looking forward to raise around Rs 5 lacs through a lecture on

“World Class coaching” in May.
world class team
1. Vimla Sanker Memorial Scholarships of worth 1.5 lakhs was given to HR professionals:
  • Sri Valli
  • Anjan Kumar Nandi
  • Atul Agarwal
  • Dr Hemjit
  • Dr M. M. Bagali
  • Gina Hari
2. MEC also gave scholarships of worth Rs80000 to 30 people devoted to HR.
Green Earth

Through this initiative the company is making a move to create awareness about the environment in the community to make things better for the planet as well as people. We believe that each person can change his lifestyle in 3 critical ways – the PAR principle
  • Protect – Protect the wild and its magnificent variety. They are our fellow passengers on the earth’s ark, genes of our genes. Every loss makes us more lonely in this universe, reduces our family, diminishes us.
  • Appreciate- Appreciate the green, learn to allow a space in your life for the green world to enter, this appreciation is essential to create a green earth
  • Reduce – reduce your environmental footprint. Walk lightly, there are so many of us that the earth may be crushed under our need for greater and greater consumption.
This year Middle Earth plans to take this program to five schools covering a thousand students with their families who will follow the PAR path. And by 2011 this program will encompass 10000 families making a significant impact on the community.

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