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Certified HR Analytics & Metrics Professional (CHAMP)


Today the business environment is getting more competitive and there is a greater need for HR professionals to support the business in their decisions by the usage of clear business data and their ability to link business outcomes with HR data from ERP, HRIS systems and internal HR data generated by the company. A HR professional should be able to support the business leaders in better decision making. Converting HR data into critical metrics to support business outcomes, create dashboards is now the job of an advanced HR leader or HR generalist.

A growing number of advanced HR professionals are using metrics and predicative analytical tools to drive higher and higher value to organizations. Are you getting ready for this revolution. Do not get left behind. Be on the forefront by preparing yourself with the knowledge and skills in HR Analytics.


By attending this workshop you will learn:

  • Understand the process of creating and using HR Analytics
  • Support and design HR metrics and HR strategy Maps for strategic outcomes
  • Use correlation, regression and advanced business analytics to drive business outcomes.
  • Use metrics and quantify key outcomes in recruitment, L&D, Compensation and performance management.
  • Build value for HR departments by showing links between HR and Business outcomes.

Who should attend ?

  • Human resource executives and managers
  • Top level HR professionals who frame their organizational human resource policies
  • HR Generalists in Organizations

Course Overview:

MODULE 1: Introduction

  • What is HR Analytics
  • Origin and evolution of HR Analytics
  • Benefits of implementing HR Analytics
  • MEC model of HR Analytics


  • Linking HR to Business drivers
  • Values and Culture
  • Key Strategic Themes
  • Introduction to the Balanced Scoreboard The HR aspect


  • First generation Cost Determinants
  • Second generation-  Lead and lag Indicators
  • Lead indicators for compensation
  • Lead indicators for recruitment
  • Lead indicators for performance management
  • Lead Indicators for Learning and Development

MODULE 4: Reporting

  • Creating charts and graphs
  • Creating Pivot Table
  • Creating HR Dashboards

MODULE 5: Analysis

  • Implementing Trend Analysis
  • Implementing Predictive analytics
  • Using Regression and Correlation
  • Benchmarking process
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