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Certified Trainer and Facilitator

The Certified Trainer and Facilitator program, of Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA, done in India, Indonesia, Dubai, Jordan and Singapore in association with Middle Earth Consultants.

When organizations want to feel confident that their employees are receiving excellent training, they turn to the experts. As a trainer your job is to ensure that the learning session is interactive, more effective and well accepted by the trainees. Retention, productivity and the bottom line are all affected by the quality of your training. It is important to be a dynamic trainer, master facilitator and a polished speaker.

The certified trainer and facilitator program is aimed at developing the training and facilitation skills in an individual. It instills the practical skills and in-depth knowledge that is required to conduct an effective training program. You will increase the effectiveness of your training program, be able to design and deliver more effective training programs.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn:

  • Learn 3 essential Aspects of a Presentation
  • Make your Presentation Memorable by using the SIR Approach
  • Learn the SHIIC model for maximizing the interest  of your Audience
  • Learn How the  MS EVA Model is used to ensure Participants’ Retention
  • Remember LIGSS to involve participants
  • To identify and prepare the correct visual aids
  • Learn ABC principles of designing great programs
  • Learn How to handle difficult Participants
  • To obtain individual views on current learning needs and preferred learning styles
  • How to select Kirkpatrick  assessment methods
  • To identify potential improvement to delivery of teaching and training sessions

 Unique benefits to the participants:

  • Get a comprehensive, information packed courseware during the program and for back home use
  • Learn from the industry experts who have a specialist  experience in the area of training
  • Network with other professionals with same background and interest
  • Brand yourself as a certified Trainer and facilitator
  • Increase your earning potential as a freelance professional by becoming a certified trainer
  • Unique “risk free” money back guarantee

Who should attend?

  • Trainers working in various segments of training and facilitation
  • People working in the training, learning and development function of organizations
  • Trainers who want to get the maximum out of their training sessions through effective learning styles and methods

Course Overview:

MODULE 1: Identify learning needs     

  • Prepare and run diagnostic meeting
  • Run diagnostic meeting
  • Identify learning needs
  • Identify alternative source of training

MODULE 2: Prepare learning session plans

  • Define target group
  • Identify materials and resources
  • Different training methods
  • Build effective training designs
  • Create programs which enhance retention and interest
  • Evaluate different materials

MODULE 3: Create positive learning environment       

  • Techniques to create positive mood
  • Encourage the learners
  • Minimize communication barriers

MODULE 4: Instruct Learners in groups

  • Present Information in logical way
  • Use visual aids
  • Build interest
  • Minimize distractions

MODULE 5: Assess learner's and evaluate training

  • Selection of assessment methods
  • Give support and feedback
  • Training evaluation models
  • Barriers for achievement
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