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Team Building - Experiential workshop


The overall aim of the program is to make the candidate understand the various aspects of team building, its implications and how it can be used as a strategic tool for enhancing the overall productivity of the organization. The program aims at

  • Emphasizing the importance of team building in an organization with the help of various exercises and examples.
  • Depicting the importance of new age team dynamics which help in cross learning in effective teams.
  • Understanding paradigms, perceptions and related concepts and applying them with the help of simulated outdoor exercises.
  • Learning to be flexible and adaptable with the help of simulated indoor exercises.
  • Sharing experiences which will help in creating openness and cross learning.
  • Learning goal setting with the help of balanced goal setting card.
  • Adapting team roles with role clarity and also managing different roles.
  • Learn problem solving and resource handling with the help of creative problem solving exercise.
  • Understanding relationship management by learning concepts like rapport building, informal communication and body language.
  • Applying whatever has been taught in the workshop.


This program aims at the Professionals who are managing teams at whatever level in the organization.


The program takes 15-guided hours.


Total days – 2 Ideal batch size -16
Module Training objectives Method Time
Standard Teamwork Icebreaker
  • Introductions of Team Setting
  • Building an Internal Structure
  • Icebreaking for the Day
( Using Team Logos / Team Flags )
Understanding Models of Successful Models of Team Behavior
  • The CAMI/MEC 3Ps Model for Team Work
  • Understanding Role of Planning and How Perceptions Effect It
  • The Role of Communication for Team Work
  • How Teams Can Work Successfully in Uncertainty
( Using Star Bars Exercise – An Outdoor Team Exercise with Medium Exertion )
Understanding the Role of Creativity and Team Problem Solving
  • Understanding Creativity Processes in Teams
  • Understand How Successful Teams Solve Problems
  • Applying the 3Ps CAMI/MEC Framework for Team Problems Solving
( Using Egg Drop/ Tent Building – a Semi Indoor Activity with Low Exertion )  
Understanding Team Roles and Communication
  • Understand how Successful Teams Communicate
  • Understand how Team Roles can be Set in Teams
  • Understand Synergistic Team Working
Using( Shepard and Sheep / Rope Exercise – Medium Exertion Fully Out Doors  )
  • Bonfire Exercise to Build Team Openness
(Bonfire / Sensitivity Exercise)

Effective Collaborative Behavior/ Conflict in Teams

  • Role of High Initiative People
  • Collaborative vs. Competitive Behavior in Teams
  • Applying CAMI/MEC’s 3P Framework to People Issues
( Spider / Crossing a Wall/ Humba)- High Exertion Outdoor Exercise)
Effective people Behavior in Teams
  • Reducing team dissent
  • Building consensus
  • Successful people behaviors in teams
     ( Desert Survival – Semi Indoor Exercise – Low Exertion )
Building Team Magic
  • Revisiting all aspects of the CAMI/MEC
  • Coming out with a successful team
  • Applying your learning
(Desert Quicksand)
Closure Exercise for Teams
  • Ending on a high note
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