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Certified Human Resource Generalist (CHRG)

  • India’s top rated and the best HR Generalist Program and certification

    A Human Resources Generalist is a really key person within the human resources function of an organisation. Principally, the HR Generalist is responsible for the day-to-day management of HR operations, which means that they manage the administration of the policies, procedures and programmes of the organisation.

    This is a very full on role requiring someone who enjoys planning and developing systems, has real attention to detail but particularly is interested in the personal development of the organisation’s people. Working as a Human Resources Generalist can provide many career opportunities to move upward within the HR function as the skills acquired as some of the most useful for any organisation and are highly valued.

    By the end of the program you will learn:

    • Understand employee induction and engagement
    • Learn about compensation and payroll
    • Understanding, measuring and monitoring performance and competency system
    • Learn about HR metrics, reporting and benchmarking
  • Module 1: Recruitment and Induction Process
    • Recruitment Basics
    • Sourcing and Interview Process
    • Selection Process
    • Induction process
    Module 2: Compensation and Payroll System
    • Understanding compensation
    • Compensation structures
    • Equity theory
    • Understanding grading
    Module 3: Performance and Competency System
    • Understanding PCMS
    • Performance & Competency Measures
    • Performance & Competency Monitoring
    • Performance Improvement planning
    Module 4: HR Quantification and Analysis
    • Operational Analytics
    • Building Dashboards
    • HR Metrics
    • Benchmarking and Reporting

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